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James-Paul Offers The Following Portrait Sessions

(if you prefer a slightly different session, please ask and I will do my best to accommodate)

        15 minutes           $80.00         (approximately  5 images available to select

                                                                             (IN studio only)

      30 minutes         $100.00        (approximately 10-15 images AVAILABLE to select)


        one hour          $125.00        (approximately  25-35 images AVAILABLE to select)


      1 1/2 HOURS      $ 200.00       (approximately 40-60 images to select)


       2-3 HOURS         $300.00        (approximately 100 IMAGES TO select)

Each portrait Session includes

Indoor Studio / on Location or both (except 15 minute session)

Images Retouched

Unlimited use of images  on your  Facebook or other social media page

No minimum order- Get only the reprints you want in the product store (see below)

* For family or group portraits of 4 or more people-add $25.00 per person to session cost

CALL 952-426-5806

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